Government of B.C.

Natural Resource Stewardship


Consulting with First Nations

The Province is legally obligated to consult and accommodate First Nations, where required, on land and resource decisions that could impact their Aboriginal Interests.

Cumulative Effects Framework

British Columbia is committed to sustainable resource management. As resource demands grow, we must be able to measure the effects of all natural resource activities, large and small, on values that are important to the people of British Columbia.

Natural Resources & Climate Change

Adapting British Columbia’s natural resource management to a changing climate is important for maintaining the benefits these resources provide to communities and industries in the province.

Land Based Investment

Land based investment supports and guides the investments in activities that manage, conserve, or protect British Columbia's natural resources.

Policy & Legislation

Natural resources in B.C. are managed by laws that:

  • Control activities to ensure sustainability
  • Protect the environment and human health and safety

Natural Resource Law Enforcement

Natural Resource Officers and Conservation Officers enforce the laws that protect British Columbia’s ecosystems and natural resources.

Forest Stewardship

The Government of British Columbia is committed to the sustainable management of our forests. Learn where, when and how forest and range resources are used in the province.

Find out more about forest stewardship.

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