Secondary School Transcripts

transcript is an official document that shows your secondary school marks and credits in a British Columbia Graduation Program.

The Ministry of Education has your transcript if you attended a B.C. or Yukon secondary school, and you:

  • Graduated after 1985 or
  • Completed a grade 12 course after 1986 or
  • Attended grade 12 prior to 1974 in the University Entrance or Academic-Technical Program

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Your Transcript Includes:

  • A record of the courses you have successfully completed in a British Columbia Graduation Program
  • Honours received
  • Participation in one or more special programs
  • Graduation status
  • Current marks and credits for grades 10-12 for your Graduation Program
    • If you are on the current Graduation Program (named the 2004 Graduation Program), grades 10 through 12 will be reported.
    • If you are on another Graduation Program (e.g. the Adult Graduation Program, or other graduation programs prior to 2004), grades 11 and 12 will be reported.