Transcripts and Certificates

Last Modified: 2016-10-24

A transcript is an official listing of your secondary school (high school) marks and credits received specific to a B.C. Graduation Program.

Your transcript includes: 

  • A record of the courses you have taken in a BC Graduation Program
  • Honours received
  • Graduation status

The marks included in your transcript will depend on your Graduation Program.

  • If you are on the current Graduation Program (named the 2004 Graduation Program) grades 10 through 12 will be reported.
  • If you are on another Graduation Program (e.g. the Adult Graduation Program, or other programs prior to 2004) grades 11 and 12 will be reported. 

A graduation certificate, sometimes referred to as a diploma or “Dogwood”, is your official graduation document.

Checking Your Marks

An unofficial transcript of grades shows you the same course, honours and graduation status information as your official transcript shows.

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Getting Your Official Transcript and Graduation Certificate

Please use the following links for transcripts and certificates.

Depending on your situation, there are a few different ways to get your official documents. If you are a:

Graduating This Year?

Useful Contacts

Send us any questions or concerns about ordering your official documents. If possible include your name, birth date, Personal Education Number (PEN), and order number if applicable.

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