Highway & Bridge Maintenance

In British Columbia, private contractors repair and maintain provincial highways and bridges as well as the surrounding electrical infrastructure. They also apply pavement markings.

There are three categories of services that contractors provide for B.C.’s highways. Read the agreements and find out about contractor’s obligations.

Upcoming Bid Opportunities

Contractors can bid on providing maintenance services for B.C.’s highway when opportunities are available.

Check when the current contracts expire:

The next bid opportunity will be for highway maintenance in 2017.

Report a Problem

Report a Problem

Report a problem such as pot holes, highway or bridge damage, sign damage, pavement marking, drainage problems, road debris or an animal carcass.

You can also report electrical problems like overhead signs, street lights, pedestrian lighting, and signals that are out or damaged.

Highway & Bridge Maintenance Maps

Contact Information

Contact ministry staff or contractors about highway infrastructure maintenance services or contracting.

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