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Project No. 04340-2017
Admirals Road Safety Improvements Hallowell Road to Maplebank Road

Project No. 04515-0057
Tannery Road Soils Removal and Site Grading

Project No. 04515-0008
7590 80th Street, Delta (SFPR 8) – Soil Remediation, Removal and Regrading

Project No. 12452-2017
Highway No. 7 Four Laning - Silverdale Avenue to Nelson Street - Preload and Surcharge

Project No. 12478-0002
Mobile Weigh Scale , Highway 7B East Of Shaughnessy Street

Project No. 12573-2016
Highway 1 at Mountain Highway Interchange

Project No. 12595-2017
Rosedale Overhead No. 01414 Deck Widening & Seismic Safety Retrofit

Project No. 12745-2017
Asphalt Resurfacing for 31.7 lane km, paving 1.5 m shoulders

Project No. 12763-2017
Sunshine Coast Area - Side Roads Resurfacing (6.4 lane Km)

Project No. 12771-2017
Asphalt Road Resurfacing H1: Abbotsford To Hope, Miscellaneous Areas (24.9 Lane Km)

Project No. 16606-0002
Highway 1 - Admirals/McKenzie Interchange Phase 2

Project No. 16614-0001
Highway 1 - Tolmie Avenue to Saanich Road - Northbound Bus Lane

Project No. 16659-0001
Chemainus River Bridges No. 01298 E & W - Seismic Retrofit

Project No. 16659-0002
Cowichan River Bridges No. 01289 E & W Seismic Retrofit

Project No. 16698-2017
Asphalt Side Road Resurfacing - Renfrew Road and Shawnigan Lake Road (8.8 Lane Km)

Project No. 16699-2017
Asphalt Side Road Resurfacing Beaver Creek Road (8.6 Lane Km)

Project No. 16700-2017
Hwy 4 / Hwy 19 Junction Westbound Acceleration Lane

Project No. 22365-0000
Highway 3A South Slocan Overhead No. 1542 Removal

Project No. 23164-0001
Highway No. 97 Four Laning -  Carson Drive and Toop Road Intersection Improvements

Project No. 23449-0001
Yellowhead Highway No. 5 - Darfield Passing Lanes

Project No. 23617-0001
H97 Stickle Road Intersection Improvements - Phase 1

Project No. 23682-0001
Highway #1 Quartz Creek Bridge No. 1607 Slope Stabilization

Project No. 23690-0000
Highway 3/95 Moyie River at Swansea Bridge No. 0764 and Approaches

Project No. 23743-0000
Concrete Deck Overlay, Abutment Bearing and Expansion Joint Replacement

Project No. 23769-0000
Penticton Green Mountain #2 Bridge No. 06155 Replacement

Project No. 23852-0000
Len Bawtree Bridge No.0311 Resurfacing & Deck Joint Replacement 

Project No. 23870-0001
Highway 97C – Loon Lake Rest Area

Project No. 23887-0002
Three Valley Gap Path 19-1 Avalanche Diversion Wall No. 10097

Project No. 23916-0001
Princeton Intersection Improvements, Highway No. 5A and Bridge Street, Grading and Paving

Project No. 23917-0000
Duncan River Bridge No. 07451 - Glulam Girder Replacement 

Project No. 24059-0001
John Hindle Drive

Project No. 24068-0000
Highway 93/95 Springbrook Bridge No. 00432 Concrete Repairs

Project No. 24100-0000
Asphalt Surfacing, Highway 6 Slocan to Nakusp (74.9 Lane km), Highway 31A New Denver to Brake Check (7.0 Lane km) and Local Area Side Roads (29.3 Lane km)

Project No. 24104-0000
Asphalt Resurfacing Hwy 97 Monte Creek Hill and Barnhartvale Road (47.4 Lane Km)

Project No. 24105-0000
Hot-in-Place Recycling Highway 3, Rock Creek to Danshin Village (63.73 Lane Km)

Project No. 24106-0000
Hot-In-Place Recycling, Highway 97 and Highway 20 Williams Lake Area (130.7 Lane Km)

Project No. 24108-0000
Asphalt Surfacing, Highway 5 North, Barriere to Little Fort and Agate Bay Road (73.4 Lane Km)

Project No. 24109-0000
Asphalt Surfacing, Highway 20 Redstone to Alexis Creek (53.40 Lane Km)

Project No. 24110-0000
Asphalt Surfacing 2017/18 – Quesnel Area Side Roads (29.8 Lane Km)

Project No. 24111-0000
Asphalt Surfacing – Highway 5 Mad River to Regional Boundary and Clearwater Valley Road (97.4 Lane Km)

Project No. 24112-0000
Asphalt Surfacing, Highway 24 Lone Butte To Bridge Lake (93.92 Lane Km)

Project No. 24113-0000
Asphalt Surfacing - Tappen Area Side Roads (45.0 Lane Km)

Project No. 24114-0000
Asphalt Surfacing Seton Portage and Road 40 (117.68 Lane Km)

Project No. 24134-0000
Asphalt Surfacing, Hwy 97, Hwy 3A and Local Side Roads Penticton Area (112.2 Lane Km)

Project No. 24465-0001
H97 Vernon - 48th Ave to Stickle Rd Median Barrier

Project No. 24251-0000
Highway 3/95 - Moyie CPR Wall No. 4301R Rehabilitation

Project No. 24288-0000
Crushed Aggregate in Stockpile – Green Lake Pit No. 0724

Project No. 35474-0001
Zonnebeke Creek Culvert No. 08614 Replacement

Project No. 37135-0000
Highway 16 - Tyhee Passing Lane

Project No. 37139-0000
Highway No. 16 - Mile 28 Crossing 

Project No. 37158-0000

Project No. 37204-0000
Gamma Creek Culvert No. 08793 Replacement

Project No. 37204-0001
Gamma Creek Culvert No. 08793 Replacement

Project No. 37248-0000

Project No. 37249-0001
Highway No. 29 - Bear Flat - Cache Creek

Project No. 37257-0001
Graded Aggregate Seal Coat 2017/18 - Fort George Area Side Roads and Keefe's Landing Road (105.9 Lane Km)

Project No. 37346-0000
Asphalt Surfacing 2017/18 - H16 Mapes Road to Hillcrest (68.0 Lane Km)

Project No. 37349-0000
Hot-In-Place Recycling 2017/18. H16 Engen to Vanderhoof (58 Lane Km)

Project No. 37352-0000
Asphalt Surfacing 2017/18 Dangerous Goods Route 247 Road To H97/H52 Intersection 53.5 Lane Km)

Project No. 37356-0000
Fraser River West Bridge No. 1407 Bridge Resurfacing

Project No. 37357-0000
Graded Aggregate Seal Coat 2017/18 - H37 Brown Bear to Meziadin and H37A Stewart to Meziadin (211.9 Lane Km)

Project No. 37358-0000
Asphalt Surfacing  2017/18 Smithers Arterial and Side Roads (19.0 Lane Km)

Project No. 37359-0000
Hot-in-Place Recycling 2017/18, H16 West Twin Creek Bridge to Bell Mountain Rd (40.4 Lane Km)

Project No. 37364-0000
Camp Creek Bridge Resurfacing

Project No. 37369-0000
Graded Aggregate Seal Coat 2017/18, South Peace Side Roads Sealcoating (146.2 Lane Km)

Project No. 83106-1801 
Hydrographic Survey at Selected Structures in British Columbia 

Project No. 86002-4498
Slide 5 Berm Repair, Hwy 1

Project No. 86002-4502
Slide 5 Berm Repair, Hwy 1

Project No. 86002-4508
Rock Slope Stabilization, Highway 7 Off Ramp from Highway 1 (Hope Area)

Project No. 86002-4510
Rock Slope Stabilization, Markins Bluff, Hwy 31