How do I get my divorce certificate?

Step 1: Make sure 31 days have passed since your divorce order.

Step 2:

In person:  Attend at the Supreme Court registry where your divorce was filed.  The cost for a divorce certificate is $40.

By mail:  Mail a letter to the Supreme Court registry where your divorce was filed.  Include in the letter:

  • The court file number or the full names of both parties who divorced
  • Your mailing address and telephone number
  • A cheque or money order for $50 payable to the Minister of Finance (includes $10 mailing fee)

If you live outside Canada, and are unable to pay using Canadian funds, find out what payment options are available:

If you're not sure where your divorce was filed: The Central Registry of Divorce Proceedings for Canada can confirm the location where a divorce was filed.  However, they cannot provide an official divorce certificate.

Finding information about your divorce

To contact the Registry

Certificates for older divorces

If your divorce was granted 10 or more years ago, you may need to obtain a copy of the divorce order from BC Archives and provide that copy to the court registry when you request a divorce certificate. Contact the court registry where the divorce was filed.

Legal Help & Advice

Check out these resources from the Legal Services Society:

Visit a Justice Access Centre:

Talk with a family justice counsellor at a Family Justice Centre.

Other Legal Resources

Child Support Information

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