Regional Geologists

B.C.'s Regional Geologists

Regional Geologists are based in Smithers, Prince George, Kamloops, Cranbrook, and Vancouver. They monitor exploration and mining activities, and provide expertise to prospectors and mineral exploration companies. They also work in their communities to enhance understanding of local geoscience and foster a healthy and prosperous minerals sector.

Map of Regional Geologist Areas and Boundaries

Map of Regional Geologist Areas and Boundaries

Southeast: ​Fiona Katay

Phone: (250)  417-6010
Mailing address: 

100N Cranbrook Street
Cranbrook, B.C.
V1C 3P9


South Central: ​Jim Britton

Phone: (250) 371-3903
Mailing address: 

441 Columbia Street
Kamloops, B.C.
V2C 2T3


Southwest: ​Bruce Northcote

Phone: (604) 660-2713
Mailing address: 

Mineral Development Office
Suite 300, 865 Hornby Street
Vancouver, B.C.
V6Z 2G3


Northwest: ​Vacant

2nd Floor, 3726 Alfred Avenue
Smithers, B.C.
V0J 2N0


Northeast and North Central: ​Paul Jago

Phone: (250) 565-4316
Mailing address:

350-1011 4th Avenue
Prince George, B.C.
V2L 3H9

Key Contacts

Mineral Development Office
(604) 660-3332
300 - 865 Hornby Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6Z 2G3

Gordon Clarke (Director)
Phone: (604) 660-2094
Fax: (604) 660-2713

Bruce Northcote (Regional Geologist)
Phone: (604) 660-2713
Fax: (604) 660-2653

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