Clean Transportation Policies & Programs

Clean energy vehicles make transportation choices more affordable for British Columbians and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. B.C. has a world-leading hydrogen fuel cell sector and a growing industrial sector related to batteries, motors, controllers and chargers.

Clean energy vehicles include:

  • Battery electric vehicles
  • Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles
  • Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

These vehicles operate on locally-made electricity or hydrogen, so their increased adoption will reduce emissions and help shift spending on imported transportation fuels to locally made fuels, keeping more investment within the province.

Electric Vehicles & HOV Lanes

Electric Vehicles & HOV Lanes

Electric vehicles (EV) displaying an official decal are allowed in high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes in British Columbia regardless of the number of passengers in the car, unless a sign is posted indicating otherwise.

Contact Information

For more information on clean transportation programs, please contact:

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