Energy Efficiency Policy & Regulations

The B.C. government develops and implements energy efficiency policies and regulations to support the Province's energy, economic and greenhouse gas reduction priorities as articulated in the following:

  • The Clean Energy Act, including British Columbia's energy objectives to
    • Take demand-side measures and conserve energy
    • Reduce BC Hydro’s expected increase in demand by 66% through demand-side measures by 2020
    • Reduce B.C. greenhouse gas emissions to 33% below 2007 levels by 2020 and 80% by 2050
  • The Ministry’s 2017/18 – 2019/20  Service Plan (PDF)
    Objective 3.2: To ensure that British Columbia’s economic and environmental priorities are served through sustainable energy use and development across all sectors of the economy
  • The Pacific Coast Collaborative - Action Plan on Climate and Energy (PDF)
    Commitment III(1): Transform the market for energy efficiency and lead the way to net-zero energy buildings