Building Code Appeal Board Decisions

Building Code Appeal Board (BCAB) decisions are available online for review. Each decision of the board has a unique number. The higher the number, the more recent the decision.

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Recent Decisions: August 2015 to Current

  • Appeal 1791: Occupancy Classification of Long Term Residential Care Facility, Article
  • Appeal 1790: Capillary Break Using an Open Drainage Mat Material, Clause
  • Appeal 1789: Fire Separation between Major Occupancies, Fire Separation of Exits
  • Appeal 1788: Application of Sentence, Piping Insulation to a Tankless Water Heater
  • Appeal 1787: Occupancy Classification of Building, Article
  • Appeal 1786: Pending
  • Appeal 1785: Occupancy Classification and Party Wall Construction Requirements for Detached Garages and Detached Garages with Dwelling Units Above, Articles, and
  • Appeal 1784: Fire Resistance Rating for Fire Separations Between Resident Rooms and the Remainder of the Floor Area in a Care Occupancy, Sentences and
  • Appeal 1783: Application of BC Building Code Footing Requirements to Aluminum Patio Canopy (Article
  • Appeal 1782: Definition of Mezzanine, Article of Division A
  • Appeal 1781: Application of, Limiting Distance and Fire Department Response
  • Appeal 1780: Attachment of Wood Shingles Over a Capillary Break, Clause and Sentence
  • Appeal 1779: Building Code Application to a Change of Occupancy in an Existing Building, Sentence of Division A
  • Appeal 1778: Application of Sentence to Drug and Alcohol Recovery Home
  • Appeal 1777: Required Visual Openness of a Mezzanine, Article 3.2.2
  • Appeal 1776: Moisture Protection for Interior Finishes, Article
  • Appeal 1775: Use of Letters of Assurance for Part 9 Roof Trusses, Article (Division C), Article
  • Appeal 1774: Exit Through Lobbies
  • Appeal 1773: Required Qualifications for Testing Backflow Preventers
  • Appeal 1772: Water Treatment Device, Sentence of Book II: Plumbing Systems (BC Plumbing Code)
  • Appeal 1771: Cancelled
  • Appeal 1770:  Accessible Shower Requirement

Decisions Search Tool

How to Search All BCAB Decisions

  • The search tool lets you use any keyword to search for relevant decisions - examples of keywords include
    • the BCAB decision number, such as 1780 or 1526 or 1368
    • a term related to what you’re looking for, such as mezzanine or plumbing or occupancy
  • To search exact terms, use "double quotes" around the word or phrase, such as "letters of assurance" 
  • After doing a search, the results can be further filtered by code edition, code division (A, B or C) or code reference (Parts 1 to 10)
    • For example, to limit the search results to just those for the 2012 edition of the building code, click on the ‘2012’ facet - you'll then see a circle with an X through it, indicating the results are now limited to just those for the 2012 code - to remove the facet filter and display all of the original results, click on the circle with the X
  • Numerical references in previous codes might be different than today - the search tool uses the code reference number used in the previous codes plus the current code reference

The content on this page is periodically updated by the Province of British Columbia per the date noted on the page: January 19, 2017.

BCAB Decisions

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