Reporting Requirements - Fisheries and Aquaculture

All companies that produce seafood in British Columbia must submit annual reports to the Ministry of Agriculture summarizing their seafood sales and related socioeconomic data.


Please follow the instructions in the following letters according to your company type:



Marine Plants (Grow out and/or hatchery operations)


Forms can be submitted electronically by email. Forms can also be printed and faxed.  Please refer to the form for details.


  • 2016 Annual Fisheries Production Schedule (PDF) / (XLSX)
  • 2016 Processor Employment Form (PDF) / (XLSX)
  • 2016 Custom Processing Client List Form (PDF) (XLSX)
  • 2016 No Client Declaration Form (PDF) (DOC)
  • 2014 Processor Employment Form (PDF) / (XLSX)


Marine Plants (Grow out and/or hatchery operations)

  • Annual Aquaculture Statistical Report (PDF) / (XLSX)

Requesting Custom Reports

Should you need a specific data set that has not been published previously, you may submit a "Request for Information" form to our office.

For some types of information requests a fee will be charged, subject to the nature of the request. Please see the form details.

Although every effort will be made to fully respond to requests for information there will be some instances where certain pieces or types of information are protected and can not be released.  In these instances partial data, aggregate data, or occasionally no data may be provided.  Please contact us if you have any further questions.

Fisheries Production Schedule Guide

For information on how to complete the Annual Fisheries Production Schedule, please see our guide:

Useful Contacts

Send your questions or reports to:

Fax : 1-888-356-0358 (toll-free) or 250-953-3401

Email :

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