Forms for Pharmacies

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PharmaCare Provider Enrollment

For information on these forms, please see the PharmaCare Provider Enrollment Guide (PDF, 260KB).






Note: If you want to be able to save a pdf form with the information you have entered, please:

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  • Open your form with Adobe Reader 11 (using menu file/open).
  • Enter your information, and save the file on your computer.
  • You can download the free Adobe Reader 11 from the Adobe website at

Application for PharmaCare Rural Incentive Program


For information on whether or not your pharmacy may be eligible for the Rural Incentive Program, please see the PharmaCare Policy Manual, Section 8.11 (PDF, 150KB).

Frequent Dispensing Authorization


Use this form to document 2 to 27 days’ supplies of medications for frequent dispensing that have not authorized by the prescriber, as described in the PharmaCare Policy Manual, Section 8.3 (PDF, 795KB).

Compound Costing Worksheet


For information on appropriate use of this form, please see the PharmaCare Policy Manual, Section 5.13 (PDF, 422KB).

Smoking Cessation Program


Complete this form each time a patient is dispensed a smoking cessation prescription drug or nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) product through the BC Smoking Cessation Program.

Adverse Reaction/Clinical Condition on PharmaNet Profile


Use this form to request the inactivation of specific text in the Adverse Reaction/Clinical Condition field of a patient’s PharmaNet profile.