Patients as Partners

Including the patient voice is essential to positive change in health care.

Patients as Partners is a Ministry of Health program and philosophy that brings together patients, families, caregivers, health-care providers, not-for-profit and non-government organizations, and universities. It aims to include the patient voice, choice and representation in health-care improvement. For more information please see the govTogetherBC website.

In 2007, the Ministry of Health laid out a strategy for improving B.C.'s primary care system in the Primary Health Care Charter. This provided Patients as Partners with public engagement best practices and principles for health-care quality improvements.

The program also reflects the priorities laid out in in Setting Priorities for the B.C. Health System, which sets out the broad strategy and future direction of B.C.’s health-care system. It stresses the need for patients to be empowered to take control of their health, and participate in the development of policies and supports as part of system-wide change.


The International Association of Public Participation honoured the program with the 2016 Organization of the Year Award, recognizing the ministry for its leading practices in public and patient engagement