Tobacco Control Act

The Ministry of Health is responsible for administering the Tobacco Control Act and Regulation while the five regional health authorities enforce the Act and Regulation.

The Tobacco Control Act and the Tobacco Control Regulation regulate the use, sale and display of tobacco products. This legislation covers the following areas:

  • Restrictions on the sale, distribution and advertising or promotion of tobacco including prohibiting sale of tobacco to minors under 19 years of age, prohibiting sale of cigarettes in packages of less than twenty, and requiring warning signs at points of sale;
  • Restrictions on where tobacco products may be sold, offered for sale or distributed;
  • Restrictions on where tobacco products may be used;
  • Restrictions on the retail display of tobacco and the advertising or promotion of the use of tobacco; and
  • Specifying the powers of enforcement officers, and their right to seize and detain items that may constitute evidence of a tobacco contravention or an offence.

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