Air Quality

The state of the air around us has a direct impact on humans, wildlife, vegetation, water and soil. Poor air quality can endanger human health and the environment. Both outdoor and indoor air quality are a significant concern.

Air Quality Advisories & Readings

An air quality advisory is issued when pollutant concentrations approach or exceed predetermined limits, or when degraded-air-quality episodes are expected to continue or worsen. Advisories may also be issued to implement a local or regional burning ban when the potential for seriously degraded air quality is identified.

Outdoor Air Quality

For information on outdoor air quality, visit the BC Air Quality website.

Indoor Air Quality

People spend most of their time indoors – be it at home, school, the workplace, stores or recreational places. Many contaminants in the indoor environment can result in poor indoor air quality, which, in turn, can affect our health. These include:

  • bacteria
  • carbon monoxide
  • dust mites
  • formaldehyde
  • mould
  • radon gas
  • tobacco smoke
  • volatile organic compounds
  • wood smoke

For information on the sources and impacts of indoor air pollution, and how you can protect yourself, visit your regional health authority's website.

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