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Statistics & Reports

Access statistics and reports produced by the Vital Statistics Agency, including B.C.'s most popular baby names, annual reports, quarterly digests, and marriage reports.

B.C.'s Most Popular Baby Names

Wondering which names have stood the test of time? Check out the Most Popular Baby Names in B.C. for the last 100 years and create a colourful graph of your favourite names.

Annual Reports

The tables and statistics provided in the annual report are standard health status indicators widely used by regional and provincial health care planners and managers. Annual reports from 2007 onward are available for you to view online.

Quarterly Digest

Quarterly Digests provide vital event statistics broken into three-month spans. The digest is available online from 2008.

Marriage Reports

Marriage reports provide the number of marriages that take place yearly in B.C.  Statistics are divided into local health authorities and are available from 2007 to the current year.