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Access information and data such as education standards, funding, reporting, programming and enrolment tracking. Use it to manage and develop programs, support leadership and plan for the future.

Early Learning

Check out early learning resources for education professionals, facilitators and administrators.

Kindergarten to Grade 12

Funding, regulations and policies for B.C.’s Kindergarten to Grade 12 (K-12) education system are provided by the Ministry of Education. Individual governing authorities – boards of education (or school districts) and independent school authorities – manage the local direction and delivery of K-12 programs.

Adult Education

Administrators assist with adult education program offerings by collecting fees, invigilating tests or providing instruction. Use the following program information to help with these kinds of tasks.

Community Partnerships

Find educator programs and services that are managed in partnership with other community agencies.

Resource Management

Strategize how your school or district manages resources. Topics include: planning, purchasing, funding, reporting and vendor relationships.