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School and School District Contacts

Search contact information for all B.C. schools and school districts.

Find a Post-secondary Institution

Choose a post-secondary institution that provides the education and training you want.

Community, Character & Culture

Explore B.C. school profiles – learn what factors contribute to their success, discover what makes them unique and find ones that will best match your child's interests and goals.

Discover Your School provides a tool to help parents access a wide variety of information about their school.

Ways to Learn

Signing up for school? Want to explore learning at home? Check out these flexible learning options and find the place that best meets your goals.


A familiar and comfortable place to learn makes education enjoyable. Creating an excellent learning environment involves surroundings that are calm, secure and fun – just like at home.

    Classroom Learning

    Get a world-class education at one of British Columbia’s many schools and educational institutions. Find a local school for your child, check out career training or explore how to study abroad.

    French Programs

    Experience French language and culture – learn the language, study in French or find out about exchange programs, bursaries and program funding.

      Community Programs & Places

      Every B.C. community is rich with learning opportunities – indoor and outdoor, formal and informal. Here are some ideas about places you might like to explore:

      Online and Self-Paced Learning

      Consider some flexible options that facilitate learning outside of a traditional classroom setting.