Highway 1 - Lower Lynn Improvements

Last Modified: 2016-08-05

Highway 1 connects Metro Vancouver to the North Shore, the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal and Highway 99. It is a vital local, regional and provincial corridor for people, services and goods. Improvements will address safety, queuing and delays and will help to improve travel times along Highway 1 and the Lower Lynn Interchanges.

The Highway 1 – Lower Lynn Interchanges were designed and built over 50 years ago and are in need of upgrades or replacement. Mountain Highway, Lillooet Road (Fern Street) and Dollarton Highway Interchanges will be upgraded over three phases. Each component of the Highway 1 – Lower Lynn Improvements is being designed to operate together to provide the best overall traffic movement.

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and the Government of Canada are partnering in the design and construction of the Highway 1 – Lower Lynn Improvements. Together, $150 million will be invested in these improvements, all of which are anticipated to be completed by spring 2021.  

The Lower Lynn Improvements are part of the Province’s commitment to “Improving Highway Capacity and Reliability” in B.C. on the Move: A 10-Year Transportation Plan (PDF).


Safety and mobility benefits for this project:

  • Improves traffic flow during peak times, reducing travel times for commuters
  • Enables future improvements to Highway 1
  • Provides better links between municipalities to support the local economy
  • Improves safety and reduces traffic collisions by upgrading design to current engineering standards
  • Promotes other modes of transportation through improved pedestrian, cycling and transit facilities
  • Provides additional access on and off Highway 1 at the new Mountain Highway Interchange
  • Reduces congestion and pressure on Lillooet and Dollarton Interchanges
  • Improves fish and wildlife habitat in the area through environmental rejuvenation and drainage enhancements

Public Engagement

An open house was held on January 19, 2016 to provide an overview of all three phases of the Lower Lynn Improvements project and to collect feedback from First Nations, stakeholders and the public regarding the Mountain Highway Interchange. The comment period was extended to February 5, 2016.

The feedback is being considered, along with technical and financial information, as the project team refines the project design and develops mitigation measures.

There were a total of 613 participant interactions during the Mountain Highway Interchange open house and comment period:

  • 390 people attended the open house
  • 126 completed comment forms were received (77 hardcopy, 49 online)
  • 97 submissions were received through email or mail

There will be further opportunities to provide input on the Highway 1 – Lower Lynn Improvements later in 2016.

News Releases

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Highway 1 - Lower Lynn Corridor Improvements Project

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