Response & Recovery

Emergencies are managed first at the local level. However, if the situation escalates, the provincial emergency management structure will be activated.

Following the response phase, the Province will support communities on their road to recovery.

Disaster Financial Assistance (DFA) Program

Following a disaster, the provincial government may declare the event eligible for DFA. Once declared, the DFA program may compensate individuals for essential uninsurable losses and/or reimburse local governments for damaged infrastructure. Individuals should contact their local authority if they have been impacted by a disaster or emergency event. Visit the DFA website for more information.

Emergency Social Services (ESS)

British Columbians forced from their homes by fire, floods, earthquakes or other emergencies may receive emergency social services for up to 72 hours. Services may include food, lodging, clothing, emotional support, information about the crisis, and family reunification. Visit the ESS website for more information.

British Columbia Emergency Management System (BCEMS)

British Columbia Emergency Management System is recognized as a standard system for emergency response, and currently mandated for use within the Government of B.C. and recommended to local authorities. Visit the BCEMS website for more information.

One Step At a Time

Guide to Disaster Recovery

Guide to Disaster Recovery

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