Foster families in B.C. give needed care, safety and stability to children and teens who are unable to live with their own families.

Become a Foster Parent

All foster parents or caregivers share the desire to care for children going through a difficult time. Kids don't need perfect foster caregivers. They just need adults who can provide a home with a healthy environment where they’re shown dignity and respect – this helps them become responsible adults.

If You're a Child or Teen In Care

You may be dealing with a lot of different feelings because you need to live with another family for a while. Please know that every effort is being made to:

  • Keep you safe
  • Help you stay connected with your family
  • Help you return to your family home or another permanent home as soon as possible

Foster Caregiver Responsibilities

Foster parents or caregivers are a valued member of a care team that works together with the primary goal of helping each child or teen return home to their family.

Children & Teens in Need of Care

Children in need of care range in age from babies to teens (under 19 years old), and come from a variety of cultural and religious backgrounds. Many are in care with their brothers and sisters – every effort is made to keep them in foster homes together.

Foster Care Education

As part of recognizing the invaluable contribution foster caregivers make, a free program is available designed to meet their unique needs and offer focused skills training.

Foster Care Payment

Foster families receive a monthly maintenance payment that covers the costs of caring for a child. Foster caregivers are not expected to give up their employment in order to care for children. Providing foster care is not a job – families choose to foster because of a concern for children and desire to contribute to their community.

Temporary & Permanent Care Options

When a child or teen is unable to live with their parents, it’s best if they can live with someone they know like:

  • A family member – a grandparent, aunt or uncle or an older sibling
  • Someone who has an established relationship or cultural connection to the child and their family
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