Pesticides & Pest Management

Monitor your home and property or any other area where pests are a concern. Be prepared to take appropriate action when pests cause damage or health issues. Learn about using less harmful pesticides and integrated pest management techniques to help protect natural environments.

Managing Pests

The key to effective pest management is to prevent pests from becoming a problem in the first place. If you do have a pest problem, it’s important to know how to identify, monitor and control pests using safe treatment methods.

Pesticide Use

Many municipalities in B.C. have passed bylaws restricting pesticide use on ornamental plants and lawns. Know what the bylaws are in your area and be sure to follow them at home and at work.

Business & Industry

If you’re a pest management professional or a business that sells or uses pesticides, find out when authorizations are required and access information or tools designed specifically for the work that you do.

Publications & Guides

Find reference materials designed to help pest control managers understand and navigate legislated requirements. 

Pest Control

Regulations & Consultations