What's New with the Data Distribution Service


The Data Distribution Service has undergone a major software upgrade, which consists of mostly back office advancements. The new structure will allow the service to be more scalable and allow the creation of new output data formats.

End users should only see small changes to the system. We have added File Geodatabase (v9.3) as an output option; if other formats are required, please let us know. The final package (ZIP file) will have a slightly different structure; notably, the metadata will have the layer name associated as part of the file name, and all metadata will be in the root directory. The naming convention has also changed to include shape type (point/line/poly).

If you experience any issues with the new system, please contact the NRS Service Desk


Bug found with downloading multiple datasets in Shape format

Please order the layers you require individually, if you require shape files, or select File Geodatabase in order to complete your request.

Upload Shapefile Tool

The Upload Shapefile Tool, for inputting your own AOI, is intended to be a generalized tool. The following limits should be considered: one polygon only, 1 MB file size limit, and, must be topologically correct.

E00 files

E00 files created by Distribution Service do not automatically create regions for overlapping polygons. Please run the "polyregion" command on the imported coverage before a clean or build if regions are required.

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