General Leave for B.C. Government employees

General Leave Without Pay

Leave without pay is granted based on collective agreement provisions for bargaining unit employees and the Terms and Conditions of Employment for Excluded Employees/Appointees. Reviewing the General Leave Without Pay - Approval and Acknowledgment Letter (DOCX, 20KB) before talking to your supervisor will help you understand some of the impacts of taking leave without pay.


Submit a written request to your supervisor or manager that outlines your reason for taking leave.  

Excluded employees: Please read Part 09 of the Terms & Conditions of Employment


30 calendar days or less

Enter in Time and Leave

Use the LWOP General pay code

More than 30 calendar days

Supervisor and employee sign a General Leave Without Pay approval and acknowledgement letter

Benefits While on General Leave Without Pay

Benefits coverage is suspended for a leave greater than 30 calendar days for any calendar months that you do not receive pay. If you wish to maintain your coverage during the leave, please complete and send the Option to Continue Benefits While on Leave of Absence Without Pay or Layoff (PDF, 665KB) through an AskMyHR service request.

See monthly costs for benefits.

CUSO Leave

If your leave is to volunteer for a CUSO project, we'll maintain your benefits coverage as long as you return to work for a period equivalent to the length of your leave. You will need to fill out the Option to Continue Employee Benefits While On a Leave to Volunteer for CUSO Projects (PDF, 108KB).

When you return to work, contact AskMyHR to make sure your benefits are reinstated.

Please see Purchase of Service to learn about purchasing a leave of absence.


Pension contributions cannot be made during a leave without pay, but after returning to work, you can purchase pensionable service for the time you were away.

General Leave With Pay

General leave with pay may be granted to excluded and PEA employees in extenuating circumstances. (This leave is not available to BCGEU employees or Nurses.) 


Submit a written request to your supervisor or manager that outlines your reason for taking a leave. Leaves will be granted for legitimate reasons. Some exceptions are requests for leave to work for another employer or when it is not operationally possible for you to be absent.