Designated Vehicle Inspection Facilities

Designated inspection facilities are certified by the director of Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement (CVSE) to carry out inspections on vehicles in B.C.

Apply to be a Designated Inspection Facility

Be Prepared

You will need:

  • A business BCeID user id in the same legal entity of the intended facility and password (learn how to apply and how long it may take)
  • A primary contact email address
  • The facility operator must complete the Inspection Facility Operator course at a participating training institution 
  • The BC Incorporation Number. This is a 7 digit number. If your BC incorporation number is less than 7 digits, please add the appropriate number of zero’s to the beginning
  • Business number (9 digit number issued by CRA) photocopy of current business license (where required by local authority)
  • A valid ICBC garage policy (or equivalent garage policy) for the facility location
  • A list of authorized inspectors including their inspector number and start date with the facility
  • The number of bays used for inspections at the facility
  • Names and driver’s licence numbers for all directors, officers, facility managers and
  • A copy of the ICBC garage policy and business licence (as a PDF)
  • Application fee $200 (See your payment options)

Submit Your Application

  • All applications and renewals must be submitted online using the VIP Online system
  • Applications that include online payment will be given priority (See your payment options)
  • The approved facility licence will be mailed to the mailing address provided for your facility
  • Log in to the VIP Online system with your facility’s business BCeID and password
  • Click “New Facility Application” (monitor your progress in the left hand menu)
  • Read the instructions and follow the prompts
  • Fill out all information and ensure accuracy and completeness
  • Enter updates using the ‘Edit’ button  and proceed to the next screen using the ‘Continue’ button
  • For any required documents, you will have the option near the end of the application to attach them as electronic files or indicate you will send them to CVSE by mail or fax
  • Use the number assigned to your application when communicating with CVSE

Duties and Responsibilities of a Designated Inspection Facility


Building Requirements

The facility must meet the building standard requirements at all times, including:

  • weather tight building
  • smooth concrete floor
  • permanent roof
  • windows and doors that can accommodate being closed
  • enough floor space and overhead clearance permitting work on vehicles in every classification for which the facility has applied (building must fully accommodate the vehicle being inspected with doors closed)
  • adequate lighting

Internet Access and Computer Requirements

  • The facility must be equipped with an imprint machine that will print the inspection date and accommodate the plate and Authorized Inspector’s card shipped by CVSE OR have internet access and use CVIP on line e-forms system which saves in postage, time, and no need to purchase forms from DSC or Government Agents
  • Lease or purchase of imprint machine and Authorized Inspector’s card for use in all inspections performed at facility OR you can do Online Inspections
  • Computer using Windows XP or later or Mac OS X
  • Printer – laser or inkjet with postscript support
  • Internet access and web browser (Internet Explorer or Google Chrome recommended)
  • Adobe Reader version 9 (download free at

Business Practices

  • Prominently display:
    • Inspection facility designation certificate
    • Large designated inspection facility number sign
    • Authorized Inspector Certificate(s)
  • Hours of operation must include a 2 hour portion of regular business hours (9:00 am - 5:00 pm)
  • Respond to customer complaints within 5 business days and report to Commercial Vehicle Safety & Enforcement Branch head office the nature of the complaint and the action taken (Complaints are to be resolved within 20 business days)
  • Have locked area for Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program stock
  • Present current green copy of designated facility certificate to point of service when purchasing CVIP stock
  • Maintain decal inventory control sheets, stock purchase orders and receipts


  • Keep a signed record of each inspection for not less than 18 months
  • Maintain a record of issued inspection certificates including the inspection certificate number and the vehicle registration number or the VIN of the vehicle to which the inspection certificate was issued
  • Keep up with changing technology and maintain a record of facility and inspector upgrading

Minimum Tool Requirement for All Facilities

Ensure the facility is equipped with proper tools and equipment 

Minimum Tool Requirements
Tool Vehicles Inspected
Standard issue domestic / metric hand tools applicable to vehicles and systems to be inspected All Vehicles
Optical headlight aiming device suitable for vehicles being inspected All Vehicles
Wheel assembly removal device All Vehicles
Device capable of lifting dual wheel assembly Vehicles over 8,200 KG
Brake Drum and lining / pad measuring tools (only tools specially designed for the purpose are acceptable) All Vehicles
Overhead walk-under hoist or pit Vehicles 5,500 kg and less
Hydraulic / pneumatic floor jack and jack stands All vehicles except vehicles 5,500 kg and less, and motorcycles
Tire tread depth gauge in 1/32 of an inch and mm All Vehicles
Tire pressure gauge All Vehicles
Steering / Suspension free play measuring device(s) – KPI tools, dial indicators, Go-No-Go gauges or other tools specifically designed for the purpose All Vehicles
Gauges for fifth wheel king pin, jaws and pintle hitch, as required for vehicles being inspected Trailers
Digital voltmeter Pressure fuel
Digital decibel meter All Vehicles
Chamber Mate or device for measuring air brake chamber size Vehicles Equipped with air brakes

Report Lost or Stolen Certificates and Inspection Decals

Maintain safe custody and control of unused certificates of approval (inspection decals) and report any loss or theft to CVSE immediately.

Audit, Facility Inspection and Monitoring

During business hours, a peace office or authorized person must be permitted to enter the inspection facility to examine equipment, records of inspection, issued and un-issued inspection certificates and to make copies of documents.

When preliminary application requirements have been met, a CVSE Peace Officer (Area Vehicle Inspector) will audit the facility. They will review the program requirements with the facility operator and to ensure the terms and conditions of operating a facility are clearly understood and met at all times. The inspector will provide a copy of the audit to the operator. Once the audit is complete and the application is approved, the applicant will receive a facility licence and large station decal by mail. The applicant will be notified if the application is not approved or deferred.

Renew Your Designated Inspection Facility Certificate

Facility licences expire on an annual basis. It is the responsibility of the facility to be aware of the date of the licence expiry. Renewal reminder alerts are posted via the eForm system at 45, 30 and 15 days prior to expiry.

All applications MUST be submitted online using the VIP Online system.

Applications that include online payment will be given priority. See your payment options.

It is recommended that the renewal form, fee and supporting documents are submitted at least 4 weeks prior to facility expiry.

  • Log in with your facility’s business BCeID and password
  • Click “Renew Licence” (monitor your progress in the left hand menu)
  • Read the instructions and follow the prompts
  • Review all information associated with your facility licence to ensure it is up to date
  • Enter updates using the ‘Edit’ or ‘Update’ button on each screen and proceed to the next screen using the ‘Continue’ button
  • For any required documents, you will have the option near the end of the application to attach them as electronic files or indicate you will send them to CVSE by mail or fax
  • Use the number assigned to your application when communicating with CVSE

Update Your Information

  • Notify CVSE of any changes to legal name, mailing address, email address or telephone number within ten days
  • Inform CVSE prior to closure of business, or any intent to move, along with a new address if applicable
  • Inform CVSE of any changes of inspector/manager/owner

Cancellation of a Designated Inspection Facility Certificate

Authorization may be cancelled by the director of CVSE for violations, either entirely or for inspection of a class of vehicle. After notification of cancellation, the person to whom it was given must return all authorization documentation to the director.