New Record Check Certificates for Taxis and Limousines

Taxi and limousine licensees are required to issue Record Check Certificates to their drivers.

As of September 16, 2019, municipal chauffeur permits have stopped being issued. They have been replaced with Record Check Certificates.

Record Check Certificate Checklist (PDF) has been created as a resource for taxi and limousine licensees to assist in determining the eligibility of their drivers. This checklist is provided as a template only in order to help clarify the new driver requirements; licensees are free to develop their own checklist.

The new Record Check Certificate verifies that a driver has received a police record check and a driving record check and is therefore eligible to safety operate a passenger directed vehicle. Licensees are responsible to determine whether drivers meet the provincial record check requirements. Read more about Passenger Directed Vehicle Driver Requirements

Drivers with a valid municipal chauffeur’s permit can still drive until the permit expires, or until September 2021 (whichever comes first). This is to allow for a transitional period for the permits to faze out and for the new Record Check Certificates to take their place.

Although drivers with valid municipal chauffeur’s permits are still able to use them during this transitional period, the information needs to be presented in the new Record Check Certificate format to be considered valid by the province. Licensees must oversee this documentation change and ensure that all drivers are able to present information in this new format effective September 16, 2019.

Information to include on a Record Check Certificate

Licensees are responsible for creating their own Record Check Certificate, but Certificates must include the following information:

  • Driver's full legal name
  • Driver's photo (similar style to the B.C. Services card, i.e., recent head shot)
  • Licensee's legal name
  • Expiry date of the Record Check Certificate (for those operating with a valid municipal chauffeur’s permit, list the expiry date of the permit)
  • A statement that verifies the driver has met the requirements (or a statement that indicates that the driver is still in possession of a valid municipal chauffeur’s permit)

View a sample Record Check Certificate for Licensees

Licensees are free to create their own Record Check Certificate or can use the sample provided. The sample provides an example of what must be produced on a certificate.

The Record Check Certificate must be presented to law enforcement officials upon request as it is part of the evidence of authority to operate. Licensees are required to have drivers carry a physical copy and must ensure that the certificate is displayed in a clearly visible place in the motor vehicle.

We encourage drivers to retain their municipal chauffeur's permit alongside their new record check certificate until the expiry date.

What if a driver is not eligible to drive?

If a driver has not met the provincial requirements to be a driver of a passenger directed vehicle or a licensee is unable to determine driver eligibility, the company is to provide notification to the driver in writing that they they are are unable to issue a Record Check Certificate.

A driver may submit a Record Review Application to the Registrar of Passenger Transportation for a review of their record if a driver has received notification that they are unable to drive.

What if I'm a driver in a municipality that did not require a municipal chauffeur's permit?

Drivers who are not part of a municipal chauffeur permit program have until January 2020 to comply with these new requirements.