Passenger Directed Vehicle Driver Requirements

These requirements apply to drivers of passenger directed vehicles (PDV) such as taxis, limousines, and transportation network services (TNS), or ride-hail vehicles.

To be eligible to drive a passenger directed vehicle under the new regulations a driver must 

Fulfill the Driver Licencing Requirements

Drivers must have a valid B.C. issued driver's licence.

Minimum Class 4 commercial driver’s licence

Class 1, 2 or 4 are acceptable for drivers of passenger directed vehicles. To get a Class 4 licence you must

  • be at least 19 years old
  • have a valid class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 licence, or equivalent licence, with at least two years of non-learner driver experience
  • demonstrate an acceptable driving record
  • successfully complete a Class 4 knowledge test and road test
  • successfully complete a vehicle safety pre-trip inspection test
  • complete all testing in English without assistance from a translator, and
  • pass a driver fitness medical examination (at application and routinely thereafter as required by the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles).

As the Class 4 licence requirement ensures drivers undergo driver training and road testing, no additional driver training program (i.e. the TaxiHost Pro program) is required at this time. In the future, should the Registrar of Passenger Transportation determine that additional driver training is necessary for drivers of passenger directed vehicles, the Registrar has the authority to set these requirements.

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Why government requires Class 4 licences

Requiring that all PDV drivers (including TNS drivers) have at least a Class 4 licence ensures that minimum standards are met. A Class 4 licence

  • helps ensure passenger safety through increased knowledge and testing.
  • mandatory medical fitness exam ensures drivers do not have a medical condition that may impact their driving and is completed initially at the time of licence application and periodically afterwards depending on the age of the driver.
  • has mandatory pre-trip inspections also help ensure the vehicle is in safe operating condition.
  • ensures that individuals who had a criminal conviction for impaired driving or dangerous driving in the last three years and individuals who had four or more convictions for contraventions in the last two years (e.g. distracted driving, speeding or failing to stop) are not eligible to be PDV drivers.

Complete a Driving Record Check

The driving record check is an abstract provided by ICBC that includes a two and three-year review period for pointable driving offences.

You can obtain a driving record check by visiting ICBC’s website. An 'N-print' abstract is required. If you have not been a resident of BC for the past three years, then you must obtain a driver’s abstract from your previous jurisdiction to ensure three years of driving records can be produced.

Any driver who has four convictions or more for 'pointable' offences during the two-year review period will be ineligible to drive a PDV. Serious driving offences are included in the three-year review (e.g., motor vehicle related criminal code convictions). 

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Complete a Police Record Check

All PDV operators are required to obtain a Police Record Check with a Vulnerable Sector Check.

To obtain a police record check

  • Visit your local RCMP detachment or municipal police agency
  • Bring two pieces of government issued ID, one with a photo
  • Bring the name of your prospective employer
  • Bring the name, phone number, and email address of a representative from your prospective employer

Check with your local police department to learn if there is a fee to obtain a police record check.

To maintain your PDV licence, you must complete a police record check every year.

At this time the Registrar has not approved any third parties to conduct police record checks.

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If you currently hold a municipal chauffeur permit, you do not need to obtain a new police record check until the municipal chauffeur permit has expired. Upon expiration you will have to undergo a new police record check.

Can I request a review of my failed police record check?

Yes, you can apply in writing to the Registrar of the Passenger Transportation Branch to review your police record check for eligibility.

Ensure Vehicle Meets All Requirements

To be a licensed PDV driver

  • Your vehicle model must be less than 10 years old (TNS only)
    (you can find the model date on your vehicle registration issued by ICBC)
  • Your vehicle must pass a vehicle inspection either annually or semi-annually 
  • You must complete a daily pre-trip inspection of your vehicle to ensure that it is in sound mechanical condition. This includes, but is not limited to, ensuring all lights are activating, tires meet minimum requirements, the windshield is not cracked, and seat belts are operational
  • Your vehicle must be inspected annually if it was driven less than 40,000 km in the previous year or semi-annually if it was driven 40,000 km or more in the previous year
  • Your vehicle must undergo regularly scheduled maintenance as per the manufacturers recommended schedule

Getting a vehicle inspection

There are designated inspection facility locations throughout the province that can provide the required mechanical safety inspection for taxis and TNS vehicles. 

Cost is set by the inspection facility and typically ranges from $100 to $300.

PDVs operating without a valid commercial vehicle inspection report may be ordered to have a vehicle inspection completed. Inspected vehicles may be issued a violation ticket for failure to display a valid decal, or failure to produce or have a valid inspection report.

Requirements for child safety restraints in TNS vehicles

TNS vehicles must comply with the child restraint system requirement per Division 36 of the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations.