Passenger Transportation Regulation Changes - Information for Police Officers

New regulations modernizing the taxi industry and permitting the entry of Transportation Network Services (TNS), or ride-hail, are now in effect. Find out how these regulations affect police.

Passenger Directed Vehicle Driver Requirements

Requirements for drivers of passenger directed vehicles (PDVs) have now changed. Drivers may be visiting your police station due to the requirement for them to Complete a Police Record Check. Vehicle requirements and inspection intervals have also changed and drivers are responsible to Ensure their Vehicle Meets All Requirements.

Taxi drivers are no longer exempt from wearing a seatbelt as section 32.02 of the Motor Vehicle Act Regulation was repealed.

Removal of Municipal Chauffeur’s Permit

Some jurisdictions previously issued municipal chauffeur’s permits to drivers of PDVs. This requirement has been replaced with the provincial Record Check Certificate effective September 16, 2019. Record Check Certificates are also required for drivers of TNS.

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Fees, Fines and Offenses

There are new fees, fines and offenses as part of the new regulatory framework. Application and licensing fees are listed in Part 7 of the Passenger Transportation Regulation.

Penalties and fines relating to licencing are listed in Part 6 of the Passenger Transportation Act.