Highway 97 - Peachland Transportation Study - Community Engagement

Public and stakeholder engagement is an essential part of the Peachland Transportation Study.

How will feedback be considered?

Input from the community engagement activities will be considered, along with technical data, government priorities and other information in evaluating options to meet future transportation needs of the area.

Online Engagement - August 12 - September 4, 2020

The online survey asked for community feedback on short, medium and long-term corridor safety improvements.

Phase 1

Community engagement was an integral part of Phase I. Initial engagement took place in 2016, where community members and stakeholders identified their ideas, values, considerations, and concerns about the corridor and future changes. They also shared feedback on the results of the conditions and performance assessment.

Public Open House - November 21, 2016

The purpose of this open house was to share several possible options to improve the existing corridor, as well as options using an alternate route, to obtain public input on issues, opportunities and concerns to be considered in the evaluation process.

Public Open House – June 21, 2016

A public open house was held June 21, 2016. Results of the fact-finding phase of the study were presented and stakeholders were invited to identify issues, opportunities and concerns to be considered when potential options are explored.

Local Government and Stakeholder Engagement

The study team has met with Peachland Council, District planning and engineering staff, and a Technical Advisory Committee which includes planning and engineering representatives from Peachland, Regional District of Central Okanagan, area First Nations and BC Transit.

Community Liaison Committee

The Community Liaison Committee was established to reflect a cross-section of the Peachland Community, and it met five times since being established in early 2016. Current members include:

  • Three members of the public at large, elected by attendees at a public town hall meeting in January 2016
  • One member appointed by Peachland Council
  • One member appointed by the Peachland Chamber of Commerce
  • One member appointed by the Highway 97 Task Force Society
  • A volunteer from the environmental sector
  • A volunteer from the commercial transportation sector