Stanley Park Causeway - Project Status

Construction began Sunday, September 13th on a major pedestrian and cyclist safety improvement project on the Stanley Park Causeway. The project is anticipated to be finished in February 2016.

Before proceeding to the construction phase, we worked closely with the Vancouver Park Board, the City of Vancouver, local First Nations and a variety of stakeholder groups to establish a safety improvement strategy for cyclists and pedestrians on the Causeway between Lost Lagoon and the Lions Gate Bridge.

Project Design

The improvements primarily focus on widening the sidewalks and installing safety fencing.  The west sidewalk will be widened by approximately 0.4 to 1.0 metres and the east sidewalk will be widened by approximately 1.9 metres. In addition a safety fence will be installed separating the vehicle travel lanes from the sidewalks.

This upgrade will improve safety and increase capacity for cyclists and pedestrians and help promote alternative modes of transportation, while minimizing impacts to the park’s natural environment.

A public information session was held December 2 to present proposed safety improvements and seek input from the public. Feedback received during and after the information session has been used to finalize the design for the proposed improvements.

The Vancouver Park Board is the agency responsible for Stanley Park and they indicated support for the proposed design on March 23, 2015.

Local First Nations consultation (including the Musqueam, Tsleil-Waututh and Squamish Nations) and targeted consultation with cycling groups, active transportation groups and Stanley Park interest groups will continue throughout the final design and construction of the project.

Original State

Artist rendering of the original combined use 2.0 m bike/pedestrian west side and east side paths next to the lanes of traffic, with no barriers


Completed Project

Artist rendering of the completed project with separate, widenened bike and pedestrian paths next to the lanes of traffic, with barriers. The west side becomes a northbound bike only path widened to 2.1 m and the east side path widened to 3.6 m and split in half for a southbound bike path and a northbound/southbound pedestrian path.


Design Around Obstacles on the East Side

Artist rendering of how the east side path will be widened to accomodate obstructions such as lamposts


Passing Zone Design

There will be two cyclist passing zones included on the west side. 

Artist rendering of how the west side bike path will be widened to accomodate passing at two sections of the path