Highway 97 - South Taylor Hill

The project located on Highway 97, approximately 1 km south of the community of Taylor will increase capacity on the bottom portion of the South Taylor Hill to four lanes.

Existing northbound and southbound truck lanes will be lengthened, intersections upgraded, and dedicated chain up/chain off areas for trucks will be constructed. Slopes above the highway will also be contoured to enhance slope stability.


Construction started in Summer 2014

Project Benefits

  • This project will allow safe passing opportunities for overtaking of slower vehicles in both directions
  • Added capacity will reduce traffic congestion and travel times
  • Improved intersections at Big Bam and Johnson Roads will allow for safer access and egress to/from the highway
  • Chain on/chain off areas will provide safer working conditions for truckers
  • Greater stability of underlying soils will boost the reliability of the route


  • Tender in 2014
  • Construction start Summer 2014
  • Complete construction in 2016

Public Consultation

An open house was held on November 27, 2013 at the Taylor Community Hall.