Westside Road - Pine Point to Four Mile Creek

The Pine Point to Four Mile Creek (1.3 km) project is part of the Province's commitment to the residents of the area to improve safety along Westside Road. This project continues south from the Four Mile Creek to Waterfront Farm project.

The project is located in a difficult and steep area of Westside Road with 40 metre rock cuts, 50 metre embankments and less than 3.5 metre lanes with no shoulders or edge barrier. Planned improvements include:

  • Widening and minor alignment corrections
  • Paved shoulders
  • Rock fall protection
  • Concrete roadside barriers in steep sections

Project cost:

$15 million


Design has been completed in preparation for future funding and construction

Project Benefits

  • Road widening and smoothing alignment will improve safety and capacity for all road users
  • Guardrail installation will improve safety for all road users
  • Improvements will provide greater sight distances for residents and tourists who access the recreational facilities along the Westside Road
  • Paved shoulders will provide safety benefits to cyclists