Westside Road - La Casa to Muir Road

La Casa to Muir Road is part of the Province's commitment to the residents of the area to improve safety along Westside Road.

The project is located in a difficult and narrow area of Westside Road with steep rock bluffs on one side of the road and up to 50 metre embankments down to Okanagan Lake on the other. Planned improvements include:

  • Widening and minor alignment corrections
  • Paved shoulders
  • Rock fall protection
  • Concrete roadside barriers

Project cost:
$7 million

A construction contract has been awarded. Work will begin this spring.

Project Benefits

  • Road widening and smoothing alignment will improve safety and capacity for all road users
  • Guardrail installation will improve safety
  • Improvements will provide greater sight distances for residents and tourists who access the recreational facilities along the Westside Road
  • Paved shoulders will provide safety benefits to cyclists and pedestrians


  • Construction to begin in spring 2018


Map of project