Highway 97 - Stickle Road Intersection

The project includes reconfiguration of the intersection at Stickle Road and Highway 97 in order to improve safety and connectivity. The revised intersection improvement design also involves connecting the south end of the existing Stickle Frontage Road to 20th Street, north of Vernon.           

Project cost: $15 million

Status: Construction underway

Project Benefits

  • Improve safety
  • Maintain highway through traffic mobility
  • Prevent potential collisions by eliminating cross movements and left turns onto Highway 97
  • Improve traffic flow into Vernon by adding a new connection from Stickle Road to 20th Street


The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is committed to ensuring that the design for the Stickle Road intersection improves safety and community connectivity while considering and mitigating impacts on the environment.

The mitigation and compensation plans are still being finalized by the project team’s environmental group. The development of these plans is an ongoing process, and other potential offsetting measures are still being explored. As more information is gathered and these plans are finalized, the ministry will share them with the public.


  • Hwy 97/Stickle Road Intersection construction anticipated to be completed in fall 2018.
  • Preload construction for the 20th Street Extension is underway, and the final construction of 20th Street anticipated to be completed by fall 2019.

Public Consultation

A Public Open House was held May 26, 2016 in Vernon, B.C.