Highway 97A - Sicamous Main Street Intersection

The existing Sicamous Main Street intersection is characterized by numerous intersecting roadways with minimal accessibility for pedestrians. Planned improvements for this intersection include:

  • Construction of a single lane roundabout at the intersection of Highway 97A and Main Street
  • Illumination improvements at the intersection of Highway 97A and Main Street
  • Improvements at the Highway 97A and Paradise Avenue intersection
  • Upgrade to pedestrian facilities, including sidewalks, crosswalks with refuge islands and bicycle lanes

Project cost:

  • Estimated in the range of $7 million based on preliminary design
  • This project is funded by the provincial government


  • Completed November 2016

Main Street Roundabout

Project Benefits

  • Improved safety and mobility
  • Roundabouts typically reduce the frequency and severity of intersection crashes
  • Reduced number of conflict points
  • Drivers only need to consider traffic from one direction
  • Improved mobility as there is no need to stop
  • Better environmental performance due to reduced vehicle idling and reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Positive impacts to safety and mobility
  • Opportunity for an entrance feature to the Sicamous community


  • Functional design is complete
  • Tender construction contract March 2016
  • Anticipating construction to start in spring 2016
  • Anticipating construction complete in fall 2016

Public Consultation