North Courtenay Connector

The North Courtenay Connector will improve the connection between Highway 19 and North Courtenay, allowing for better access to key destinations in the region.

Artist rendering of the North Courtenay Connector

The proposed road will be situated 3 kilometers north of the Courtenay City centre, near the Comox Valley Exhibition Grounds. The roadway will run west from Dove Creek Road at Headquarters Road to Piercy Road – where Piercy continues to Highway 19.

The North Courtenay Connector will include:

  • Approximately 700 metres of new two-lane road alignment as well as a new, two-lane bridge across the Tsolum River to replace the temporary one lane structure currently located on Dove Creek Road
  • Improved safety for people walking and biking through improved shoulders along the roadway
  • A continuous route between Headquarters Road and Piercy Road with no stop signs or signal lights
  • Widening and paving the shoulders along Piercy Road west of the new alignment and bridge location up to Condensory Road

Project cost:
The estimated total project cost for the North Courtenay Connector is $15 million. Funding for the project is being provided by the Province of B.C.


The North Courtenay Connector project was initiated with intent on strengthening the Comox Valley’s north connection to the Island Highway.

The proposed route for the new connection was selected based on geotechnical and environmental investigations, archaeological assessments, functional design work, early consultation with key stakeholders, and feedback received at a public open house.

The new two lane bridge and road alignment was opened to traffic on October 20, 2017, and was built higher than the estimated 200-year flood level, with 11 large flood-relief culverts installed under the new road to mitigate any increase in flood water levels and to ensure this route remains open during flood events. It replaced the one-lane crossing of the Tsolum River, previously located downstream on Dove Creek Road.  The new road is open to the public with the speed limit remaining at 60 km/h. Travellers are advised to obey traffic control personnel, be aware of traffic pattern changes and watch for signs while the project wraps up.  Work will continue through to the end of the year as crews remove the signal and old bridge on Dove Creek Road, close off the old road on each side of the Tsolum River, and restore the river banks and old roadway to their natural states. Construction of this $15-million project began in 2016.

Aerial view of North Courtney Connector


Public Consultation & Design

A public information session was held March 15, 2016.