Mt. Lehman Road 4-Laning Project

The Mt. Lehman Road project widens two lanes to four between Great Northern Avenue to the Airport boundary in Abbotsford. This project will improve safety and efficiency on Mt. Lehman Road as well as accommodate pressures from projected growth.

Mt Lehman 4-Laning Project Banner

Mt. Lehman Road is the primary access to the Abbotsford International Airport. This north-south provincial route connects local, regional and international vehicle travel. It accommodates the movement of people and goods to the Canada/USA border and beyond.

Approximately 6,000 vehicles use this stretch of Mt. Lehman Road every day. This area is growing and revitalizing, with more commercial developments popping up. More people are travelling by car, bicycle and foot. Traffic could double over the next 25 years.

Key components of the project include:
  • Widening of Mt. Lehman Road from 2 lanes to 4 lanes
  • Dedicated southbound left-turn lane at the Mt. Lehman Road/Simpson Road intersection
  • Convert Mt. Lehman Road/Marshall Road intersection to a full movement signalized intersection
  • Realignment of Marshall Road Extension
  • New pedestrian and cycling facilities
  • Roadway lighting improvements
  • Drainage and environmental improvements

Project cost:
The Province of B.C., the City of Abbotsford, and the Government of Canada are investing $27.5 million in the design and construction of the project.


Construction is underway to expand Mt. Lehman Road to accommodate the rising number of people travelling by car, bicycle and foot on this key regional route.  Initial work includes tree clearing, excavation and culvert work at Fishtrap Creek.

Project Benefits

The benefits of the Mt. Lehman 4-laning project include:
Traffic and Safety Improvements
  • Add lanes to improve traffic flow and accommodate future developments and traffic growth
  • Reduce delay at the Simpson Road intersection with dedicated southbound left turn lane
  • Reduce delay and improve traffic flow and safety at the Marshall Road intersection with new traffic signals and left-turn lanes
  • New roadway lighting on Mt Lehman Road
Driveway and Access Management
  • Closure of existing Mt. Lehman Road/Peardonville Road intersection and Marshall Road Extension
  • Driveway improvements to improve safety
Pedestrian and Cycling Improvements
  • New sidewalks and on-road bike lanes from Simpson Road to Abbotsford Airport
  • Shoulder bike lane on realigned Marshall Road Extension
  • New roadway lighting on Mt. Lehman Road
  • Reinstatement of affected bus stops
Drainage and Environmental Improvements
  • New curb and gutter, catch basins and storm sewer on Mt. Lehman Road
  • Replacement and upgrade of 3 culvert crossings at Mt. Lehman Road and Marshall Road Extension
  • Culvert design to promote fish passage
  • Revegetation planting in the riparian area of Fishtrap Creek


Construction is underway. Initial work includes tree clearing, excavation and culvert work at Fishtrap Creek.

Public Consultation

Discussions with key stakeholders including local governments and community associations is ongoing.

Feedback was collected online between October 11 and November 10, 2017 at 4:00 p.m.

A Public Information Session was held October 23, 2017 from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the Fraser Valley Trade & Exhibition Centre (Tradex).