Highway 4 - Kennedy Hill Safety Improvements - Traffic Advisories

Learn about traffic advisories for the Highway 4 - Kennedy Hill Safety Improvements project on Vancouver Island.  

Current Travel Advisories

Check the sources in the Current Travel Advisories box for up-to-date information.

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Traffic Mitigation Guidelines

The following general guidelines and traffic stoppage schedule are provided to allow you to plan your travels. These may differ from the information issued by the contractor due to changing requirements of the project. Check the Current Travel Advisories for up-to-date information.

  • Majority of the rock blasting and traffic stoppages are planned during the night to minimize traffic disruptions, but some traffic stoppages are required for “daylight critical” activities like rock scaling.
  • Nightly traffic stoppages are permitted year round as per the stoppages schedule below.
  • Two midday 1 hour stoppages permitted during off-peak season, and Single Lane Alternating Traffic (SLAT) is permitted year round between 7am and 10pm.
  • SLAT may result in up to 30 minute delays during peak traffic periods during the day.
  • No traffic stoppages are permitted on Friday evenings between 10pm and midnight. First nighttime stoppage to occur between 1am and 4am on Friday nights.
  • No traffic stoppages are permitted during long weekends, including the day before or after (SLAT will still be in effect).
Planned Traffic Stoppages Schedule
April 2018 to Summer 2020
Time Peak Season
June 15 - September 15

Off-Peak Season
September 16-June 14

midnight - 1am Open Open
1am - 2am Stoppage Stoppage
2am - 3am Stoppage Stoppage
3am - 4am Stoppage Stoppage
4am-5am Open Open
5am-6am Stoppage Stoppage
6am-7am Stoppage Stoppage
7am-8am Open Open
8am-9am Open Open
9am-10am Open Open
10am-11am Open Open
11am-noon Open Open
noon-1pm Open Stoppage
1pm-2pm Open Open
2pm-3pm Open Open
3pm-4pm Open Open
4pm-5pm Open Stoppage
5pm-6pm Open Open
6pm-7pm Open Open
7pm-8pm Open Open
8pm-9pm Open Open
9pm-10pm Open Open
10pm-11pm Stoppage Stoppage
11pm-midnight Stoppage Stoppage