Highway 3 – Jaffray Westbound Passing Lane Project

Construction of a westbound passing lane is taking place on Highway 3, leaving the community of Jaffray.

The passing lane will safely relieve the build-up of traffic that currently platoons as it heads west from Jaffray. Traffic volumes average 4,700 vehicles per day, with up to 5,500 vehicles per day in the summer.

Highway 3 serves a high proportion of commercial, tourist and residential traffic, especially during the summer. The Highway 3 corridor is a vital east-west trade route for goods, services and people, and provides regional access to communities in southern British Columbia. The corridor also provides access to numerous border crossings into the United States. The corridor supports a variety of industries including mining, forestry, agriculture and tourism. 

Project cost

Estimated at $9 million.  The federal government will be contributing $3.3 million through the New Building Canada Fund, Provincial-Territorial Infrastructure Component.

Project Benefits

  • Improve safety for motorists by providing a safe passing opportunity
  • Generate travel savings time by relieving the build-up of traffic heading west from Jaffray
  • Improve safety for cyclists with a two-metre wide paved shoulder


  • A contract has been awarded and construction is taking place in 2020 and 2021.

Public Engagement

An open house was held November 13, 2019 at the Jaffray Community Centre.