Highway 1 - Kamloops to Alberta - Public Consultation

On a project by project basis we work with First Nations, local governments, local residents, businesses, and other interested groups to share the projects as they are being developed. The purpose of this consultation is to receive feedback on the specific project designs proposals. As well, consultation sessions were held in 2013 in communities along Highway 1 to gather input on plans to improve the safety and reliability of the route. That feedback, along with technical, financial and policy considerations, is used to set priorities as the Highway 1 Kamloops to Alberta Four-Laning Program progresses.

Salmon Arm West

On November 28, 2017 a public open house was held to present details of the project. Ministry staff were on hand to provide information and answer questions.

November 28, 2017 Public Open House Materials


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Hoffman's Bluff to Jade Mountain

A public open house was held on November 22 to share details of the project. The ministry is reviewing the feedback it received.

 November 22, 2017 Public Open House Materials


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 May 31, 2015 Public Open House Materials

RW Bruhn Bridge Replacement


Kicking Horse Canyon

Six open houses were held during the first three phases of the Kicking Horse Canyon project to present design concepts and obtain public feedback. A community liaison committee met regularly with the project team to discuss work in progress and provide feedback. The committee included representatives from: local governments, emergency services (such as police, fire, ambulance), First Nations, nature and environmental groups, cycling, rafting, commercial trucking, business, tourism, and economic development. The liaison committee will be re-established for Phase 4 of the project.