Highway 99 - Ten Mile Slide

Highway 99 is the most direct connection between Lillooet and Kamloops and is vital to the local and regional economy, as well as the Xaxli’p community. This  project will address the slope instability at the Ten Mile Slide location.

The scope of the project includes planning, engineering and construction to implement stabilization measures above and below Highway 99 as well as the reconstruction of the highway.

Oblique Map View of Ten Mile Slide


  • The project team encountered some unforeseen geotechnical and environmental issues at the site which has caused schedule impacts and required additional design and mitigation before proceeding with the tender.
  • The ministry and Xaxli’p are nearing completion on an agreement for construction of the stabilization measures within their reserve boundary.
  • The ministry is aiming to tender Phase 1 (Advanced Anchors) in fall 2018, Phase 2 (Main Contract) in winter 2018 and complete construction in 2020.

Project cost: The overall project is estimated at $60M.

Read the budget disclosure (Feb 2017) for the Highway 99 – Ten Mile Slide project

Project Benefits

  • Improves safety and reliability for motorists, the trucking industry and emergency vehicles (Regional hospital services are provided in Kamloops)
  • Maintains community connectivity and cohesiveness for Xaxli’p while reducing hardships as a result of slide activity
  • Maintains the most direct connection between Lillooet and Kamloops, which is vital to the local and regional economy, as well as the Xaxli’p community
  • Responds to requests dating back to the mid-90’s for a long term solution
  • Limits future costs associated with extra-ordinary maintenance and stabilization measures due to retrogression

Public Consultation

  • Consultation with the Xaxli’p community and other key stakeholders began early and is ongoing
  • Public information sessions were held on March 16th (at the Xaxli’p Office) and March 29th (at the Lillooet Rec Centre) in 2017
  • Additional consultation is planned for September 22nd, 2018 at Xaxli'p, with another session planned for Lillooet later in fall 2018
  • Following the Xaxli'p information session on September 22nd, the presentation materials will be posted to this website.

Contact Information

For more information, please contact Scotty McKenzie, Ministry Project Manager by e-mail at Scott.McKenzie@gov.bc.ca