Hwy 91/17 and Deltaport Way - Project Status Reports

The Highway 91/17 and Deltaport Way Upgrade Project is a combination of improvements to the existing Highway 91, Highway 17, Highway 91 Connector and Deltaport Way to improve travel safety, reliability and efficiency.

Monthly Project Status Reports

Report Structure

  1. Introduction
    • Project overview, goals, key milestones achieved and current month highlights
  2. Schedule
    • High-level Project schedule including major milestones and deliverables
  3. Project Management
    • Objectives, monthly accomplishments and upcoming activities related to Safety, Quality and Project Controls
  4. Project Development
    • Scope, monthly accomplishments and upcoming activities for each of the major disciplines: Stakeholder Engagement, Environment, Agriculture, Indigenous Groups, Procurement, Engineering, Construction and Property
  5. Cost Report
    • Fiscal year cost summary
  6. Risk Management
    • Key risks and mitigation strategies