Nass River Bridge

The Nass River Bridge is a single lane timber and steel structure on Highway 37 roughly 13 km south of the Meziadin Junction, and 75 km east of Stewart. Replacing this bridge will support the vital commercial transportation sector, growing industrial activity, and tourist traffic in the area.

Fly over animation of Nass River Bridge replacement project



This project involves:

  • Construction of a new 2 lane, approximately 130 m bridge to span the Nass River just upstream of the current structure
  • Realignment of 2 km of Highway 37 (approximately 1 km on each end) to improve design speed from 30 km/h to 90 km/h on either end of the bridge
  • Relocation and improvement of the rest area at the east end of the bridge. These improvements will include:
    • Pedestrian improvements to a viewpoint at the original bridge site
    • Installation of a left turn lane and deceleration lane for safe access in and out of the rest area
    • New toilet facilities

Project cost:
$24 million

Construction began in spring 2018, and project will be completed in fall 2019.

Project Benefits

  • Increased capacity of Highway 37 with construction of a 2 lane structure capable of accommodating wider and heavier commercial transport loads.
  • Realignment of the approaches to improve sightlines will improve safety for all users of Highway 37 by reducing the chance of collisions, as well as eliminate the need for traffic to slow to 30 km/h. The posted speed limit will be 90 km/h.
  • Improved opportunities for tourist traffic to pull over and enjoy the views of the Nass River Canyon.


  • Construction beginning in spring 2018
  • Public/stakeholder consultation is ongoing
  • First Nations consultation is ongoing
  • Utility coordination is ongoing
  • Schedule completion, fall 2019

Public Consultation & Design

Throughout the design process, the project team is taking into consideration the following factors:

  • Safety
  • Environment
  • Economic opportunity
  • First Nations
  • Construction feasibility and cost
  • Public access to stop of interest


  • The Ministry has conducted an environmental assessment to ensure that disturbance to the surrounding ecosystem from construction activities can be avoided or minimized.
  • Because the new bridge will be a clear-span, meaning there are no piers in the water, the project will not be doing any works within the Nass River.

Public Consultation

Because of the remote location of this project, the Ministry is engaging with key interested parties on a one-on-one basis, rather than public open house.