Highway 14 - Corridor Improvements

The Highway 14 - Corridor Improvements program will contribute to a safer and more reliable connection between the Veterans Memorial Parkway in Langford, west through the communities of Sooke and Jordan River, and all the way to Port Renfrew.


April 2019 Announced Highway 14 Improvements

On April 23, 2019, the Province and Canada jointly announced a further $85.715 million (BC $55.482; Canada $30.233) in corridor improvements to the Highway 14 corridor.  Find out more about these announced improvements here.

Hwy 14 Upgrades


Highway 14 is an essential connection for people and the economy on southern Vancouver Island and the Province previously accelerated upgrades in 2018 along the corridor to make life easier for South Island commuters. Find out more about these 2018 announced upgrades to Highway 14.

2018 Announced Highway 14 Improvements

Map of Highway 14 - Corridor

Status of 2018 Accelerated Upgrades:

  • three new bus pullouts on both sides of Highway 14 – completed
  • new safety signs at three locations – completed
  • new rest area at Sombrio Beach – completed
  • new highway line painting – completed
  • slow-moving vehicle pullout east of Muir Creek – completed
  • new two-lane bridge on Gillespie Road – completed
  • Jacklin bus queue-jump – scheduled for completion by summer 2019 
  • Sooke River Road intersection upgrades – completed ahead of schedule in April 2019

Program costs:

$10 million for the immediately accelerated 2018 upgrades that were announced in 2018.

$85.715 million (BC $55.482; Canada $30.233) for the April 2019 announced upgrades.

Project Benefits

Ensures everyone, whether drivers, cyclists, pedestrians or transit users, can move around the Capital Regional District quickly and safely whatever their preferred travel mode.

Public Consultation

An open house was held on June 19, 2018, at the Edward Milne Community School to provide an opportunity for the public to ask questions and provide feedback on future improvement priorities along the corridor.

Approximately 143 people attended the open house, and during the engagement period over 700 feedback submissions were received.

73% of respondents indicated ‘Additional Passing Opportunities’ as either a high or medium priority

82% of respondents indicated ‘Improved Intersections’ as either a high or medium priority

67% of respondents indicated ‘Highway Realignments’ as either a high or medium priority

59% of respondents indicated ‘More or Expanded Park and Rides’ as either a high or medium priority

Information session materials: