Highway 13 - Widening Project

The Highway 13 Widening project spans 8th Avenue to 0 Avenue. It increases capacity at the Aldergrove/Lynden border crossing in Langley, B.C.

Highway 13 Widening Project Banner

Aldergrove/Lynden is one of four Canada/USA Border Crossings in the Lower Mainland. The Highway 13 corridor is a critical route between Highway 1 and this busy border crossing. It becomes Route 539 south of the border which continues to Bellingham, Washington.

In the summer months, approximately 6,000 vehicles use this stretch of Highway 13 every day. Local development and cross-border activity continue to grow.

Key components of the project include:

  • Widening of Highway 13 southbound to accommodate future separate NEXUS and commercial vehicle lanes
  • Widening of Highway 13 northbound to accommodate a truck climbing lane
  • New east-west connection (3B Avenue) and signal
  • Intersection improvements, including signals
  • New pedestrian and cycling facilities at 0 Ave

Project cost:
The Governments of Canada and British Columbia have committed $25.5 million to the project.


The Highway 13 Widening project was completed in 2020.

Project Benefits

The upgrades are expected to provide safety and efficiency benefits to local traffic, international travellers, and commercial vehicles. The upgrades will ease traffic queues by providing more capacity at this busy border crossing, which will help boost tourism and trade.

Traffic and Queuing Improvements

  • Support border enhancements by Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA)
  • Expand border crossing infrastructure
  • Increase efficiency of highway operations at the border crossing
  • Improve capacity at the Aldergrove/Lynden Border Crossing
  • More efficient movement of cross-border traffic/ease traffic queues
  • Border processing times will remain similar, but time in queues reduced 40% due to increased capacity
  • Mitigate the impact of border crossing activities on the local road system
  • Future NEXUS lane south of 8th Avenue will remove about 25% of traffic from the general traffic lane
  • Truck lane south of the 264th intersection removes 5% of large slow moving vehicles from the general traffic lane
  • Two lanes northbound allows traffic to pass slow moving vehicles
  • A 2.6m flush median to separate northbound/southbound traffic flows

3B Avenue (New 264 St. Connection)

  • Close the Highway 13/264th intersection due to steep grades and acute angles
  • New intersection at 3B Avenue and new connection to 264th Street, provide safer connection to Highway 13
  • A new turn around at the north end of 264th Street and a new local road to access properties north of the turn around

Improvements at 0 Avenue

  • Improve intersection safety at 0 Avenue and 8th Avenue
  • New pedestrian and cyclist path on 0 Avenue with marked crosswalks on Highway 13 to enhance east-west connectivity
  • New left turn lane for southbound vehicles to bypass border traffic
  • Trucks will divert around the west side of the Duty Free

Public Consultation

Discussions with key stakeholders including local governments and community associations is ongoing.

A Public Information Session was held on October 25, 2017 from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the Poppy Estates Golf Course.