Highway 1 - Lower Lynn Improvements Projects

The Mountain Highway/Lynn Creek, Keith Road/Seymour Parkway and Main Street/Dollarton Highway Interchanges will be upgraded in four phases. Improvements will address safety, queuing and delays and will help to improve travel times along Highway 1 and the Lower Lynn Interchanges.

Mountain Highway Interchange

The new Mountain Highway Interchange will provide additional Highway 1 access to better distribute traffic and relieve pressure at the Keith Road/Seymour Parkway and Main Street/Dollarton Highway interchanges. Realignment of Mountain Highway will provide a third continuous municipal connection across Highway 1, in addition to the Main Street/Dollarton Highway and the Keith Road/Mount Seymour Parkway connections.


Under Construction


  • New underpass open Spring 2019
  • New eastbound off-ramp open Fall 2019
  • New westbound on-ramp open Fall 2019
  • Mountain Highway project complete Spring 2020

Keith Road/Seymour Parkway Interchange

Keith Road/Seymour Parkway Interchange provides access to Highway 1, and is an important east/west connection for North Shore residents. The new interchange will improve safety and reduce traffic interruptions with ramp reconfigurations and improved traffic flow along Keith Road to Mount Seymour Parkway.


Construction starting Fall 2018 - Completion Fall 2021  


  • New Keith Road Underpass 2 lanes shifted - Fall 2020
  • New Keith Road Underpass opening - Spring 2021

Main Street/Dollarton Highway Interchange

The Main Street/Dollarton Highway Interchange is the most heavily used interchange and its current configuration creates a choke point for drivers travelling to the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge. The new interchange includes the reconfiguration of the Main Street/Dollarton Interchange on-ramp to improve safety and reduce traffic interruptions and to provide better transit accessibility to and from Highway 1.


Construction starting Summer 2020 - Completion Fall 2020

Lynn Creek Connectivity Improvement Project

The Lynn Creek Connectivity Improvement Project includes the construction of an eastbound on-ramp that extends over Lynn Creek for improved Highway 1 access. A left turn onto Highway 1 eastbound will provide direct Highway 1 access from southbound Mountain Highway. Highway 1 will be widened with the construction of additional lanes including the construction of two 2-lane bridges on either side of the existing 4-lane Lynn Creek Bridge. The Lynn Creek Connectivity Improvements will complement the planned interchange improvements to further increase mobility and safety in the Lower Lynn area.


Construction started June 2018 - Completion Fall 2021


  • New Mountain Highway Eastbound on-ramp open - Summer 2020