74 Mile to 76 Mile

This four-laning project will realign and upgrade 4.3 km of Highway 97 from mile 74 to mile 76. This portion of four-laning will join the Stormy Road North and 70 Mile North sections south of 100 Mile House to complete 31.5 km of continuous four-lane highway.

Highway 97  - 74 to 76 Mile

The project includes the following improvements:

  • Upgrade 4.5 km of Highway 97 to a four-lane highway.
  • Improve horizontal and vertical geometry meeting at least minimum standards for rural arterial undivided, 100 km/h design speed
  • Improve cross section template incorporating 2.6 m flush painted median, four 3.6 m wide lanes, 2.5 m shoulders and a clear zone of 8 m.
  • Examine opportunities for consolidation of existing direct accesses to the highway. Where left turn movements are required they will be accommodated by widening the median to 3.6 m. The median widening allows left turn vehicles to exit the through lane and provides a refuge for a safe turning opportunity.

These improvements at major intersections and upgrades to municipal infrastructure will improve safety and capacity, and reduce congestion and delays.

Project manager:
 Lisa Amminson


  • Completed Fall 2015

Public Consultation & Design

Public consultation is ongoing for this project.