Kootenay Lake Ferry Service Improvements

The Kootenay Lake ferry is a vehicle and passenger ferry service that operates between Balfour and Kootenay Bay, a distance of nearly nine km, and is currently provided by two ferries, the MV Osprey built in 2000, and the MV Balfour built in 1954 which operates in the summer when the demand is higher. The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is taking steps to make improvements and address several ongoing challenges with the ferry service.

Kootenay Lake ferry


The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure has held two rounds of public consultation on proposed plans for addressing ongoing operational challenges.

Following the Round 1 consultation process in 2016, government determined the terminal should remain at Balfour.

Following the Round 2 consultation process in 2018, government intends to make refinements to proposed plan.  

Summary Consultation Reports and a Consideration Memo are available.

Project Status:

The project is in the planning phase.
The latest project update can be found here.

Technical Studies:

The Ministry has conducted various transportation and technical studies over the past 25 years looking at transportation options for the corridor, including a 2015 technical feasibility study (SNC Lavalin) analyzing a number of potential ferry terminal sites, the 2017 Improvements to Navigation Study Report (Advisian) as well as various supporting reports and analyses.