Alex Fraser Bridge Improvement Project - Construction Updates

We are committed to minimizing the effects of project construction on road users and the surrounding community during the Alex Fraser Bridge Improvement project. Mitigation measures include:

  • Doing work that affects traffic flow at night, when there are fewer vehicles on the road.
  • Ensuring that a minimum of three lanes remain open in each direction, during the daytime.
  • Ensuring that ramps remain open at all times, although there may be minor shifts to accommodate the widening of these ramps.

New Traffic Signals

New traffic signals will go into operation the week of June 18, 2018, on Nordel Way as part of the first phase towards expanding capacity for people commuting across the Alex Fraser Bridge.


Nordel Way Traffic Lights for Improved Alex Fraser Bridge Capacity

This is an animation of the new traffic pattern at Nordel Way. The new traffic signals at the Nordel Way interchange and the extension of the two-lane northbound on-ramp will make it easier for motorists to access the Alex Fraser Bridge, by alternating the merge between traffic entering from two directions.


Related Work

Improvements are also taking place at nearby interchanges to improve traffic flow near the Alex Fraser Bridge. The Highway 91 at 72nd Avenue Interchange Project and improvements at Highway 91 at Nordel Way are currently taking place or are being planned.