Disaster Response Transportation

Policies, specifications, standards and guidelines to be followed in the development of Disaster Response Transportation Strategies in British Columbia.

Disaster Response Routes are coordinated regionally and/or provincially by the Transportation Branch located within the Provincial Regional Emergency Operations Centres (PREOCs) and the Provincial Emergency Coordination Centre (PECC).

Communities purposefully develop key routes to mitigate any damage that may be caused by a disaster. The management of priority routes was improved with the designation of disaster response routes in 1995 in the Metro Vancouver and Greater Victoria areas. The priority route concept has evolved to encompass all aspects of transportation and a renaming of the system to Disaster Response Transportation. Planning includes:

Core Documents

  • Technical Circulars
    Circulars clarify, modify or introduce new practices in the application of technical issues.
  • Technical Bulletins
    Learn about new guidelines or instructions that are necessary prior to major updates to the manual.